When people and animals work together in harmony.

When people and animals work together in harmony.

It is now some time since the seed for this idea was planted, but we had to be patient and try to keep quiet about a project that is very close to our hearts. As of today, all can be revealed we are delighted to announce the arrival of about 200 sheep at Château de La Dauphine.

After a journey of nearly 300 kilometres, these ewes from the Aspe Valley accompanied by their shepherds will being taking up residence for six months in our organic, biodynamic vineyard. In this way, they will complement and contribute to the biodiversity already present in the vineyard, which we have been striving to preserve for almost 10 years now.

There are several reasons why we decided to go ahead with this adventure.

The shepherds need grazing during the autumn and winter to provide food for the sheep. Thanks to our working philosophy, no pesticides and chemicals such as herbicides are used, so we can offer our grass as 100% natural and organic. In return, all our vineyards will receive natural, uniform mowing! In addition to this mowing, the plots will benefit from a natural fertilizer. This mobile project will cover all 66 hectaresof our vines and will also have the effect of lightly ploughing the soil. Due to the action of their hooves, the sheep loosen the first layer of soil.

And looking further ahead, we will also be able to reduce our carbon footprint. The sheep will allow us not to buy compost thanks to the manure, and we will produce our own hay and straw directly on the property. All these actions help to reduce the use of vehicles and therefore our carbon footprint. On another level, the sheep’s presence is a direct interaction with the entire environment. Everyone finds their place and works in symbiosis. Every action, every choice, every decision is designed to promote this harmony between flora and wildlife. All these steps make up a virtuous circle, favouring balance and the preservation of a fragile but essential biodiversity!

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