`Harvest 2019 – Château de la Dauphine

Harvest 2019

Thursday 19 September 2019 marks the beginning of the harvest of our 53 hectares of merlot and cabernet franc. A dry, even hot weather, which will have benefited the grapes and its early ripening but without damaging it. A very technicalyear, especially for green work (stamping, stripping etc). The vineyard is in perfect sanitary condition in La Dauphine for this vintage which will be certified Organic Agriculture,supplemented by biodynamic preparations. The result is very rich and aromatic musts with some of the highest tannic potential of the last 20 vintages,which promises an exceptional new vintage!

For those interested in more technical information of the 2019 vintage, here is the analysis of our wine and biodynamic consultant, David Pernet of Sovivins:

“Despite the frequent rains of spring 2019, especially in early June, cool temperatures have slowed the virulence of mildew and vineyards have been able to be properly protected, including organic or biodynamic. The weather has changed dramatically since the last decade of June this year giving way to warm and dry summer conditions only punctuated by two rainy episodes in late July and early August. These rains have prevented the water stresses already installed before veraison from becoming too great during maturation. The sunshine and heat of late June and July stimulated the early polyphenol loading of film and degraded the varietal aromas of cabernets. Moderate to strong water stresses during maturation have accelerated sugar loading, acid degradation and further increased the phenolic potential of berries. These stresses were also favourable to the ripening of the tannins, especially seed, and the low re-humidation of surface soils allowed to maintain correct pH despite the low acidity of the musts. From these southern summer conditions the result are very rich and very aromatic musts with a tannic and anthocyanin potential among the highest of the last 20 vintages. Cabernets will be particularly valuable to temper the exuberance of merlots. We can expect this year wines of the level of last year”

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