Two new winetourism awards ! – Château de la Dauphine

Two new winetourism awards !

Two new winetourism awards !


On Thursday 7 November, was held the Best of Wine Tourism ceremony of the Great Wine Capitals in Bordeaux. Total it was 86 applications which was received for Bordeaux in order to win a best of wine tourisme award, in one of the 7 catagories of the contest.

Château de La Dauphine is the great winner with 2 new awards !

First, a4th GOLD Best of Wine Tourism awardin the category ” Innovative wine experiences” for the Heritage Tour : a tour in a 2CV car to discover the historical, cultural and gastronomic assets of the estate and the region. And an International Award was attributed also, higlighting Château de La Dauphine for this excellence and remarkable wine tourism experiences.

Indeed, since 2012 Château de La Dauphine opens the estate to visitors through many type of tours, workshops and lunches. As blend of history and modernity, Château de La Dauphine offers authentic experiences where quality is at heart along environmental practices.

Château de La Dauphine is also winner in : 2014 for Architecture & Landscapes, 2016 for Food Service and 2018 for Environmental Practices.

Château de La Dauphine is the one and only estate of Bordeaux having 4 GOLD awards and an International award.

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