`2017 vintage bottling – Château de la Dauphine

2017 vintage bottling

We just finished bottling 2017 vintage ! Luckily, we were spared from hail and frost. But here a recap of 2017 at Château de La Dauphine :

Harvest 2017 started on September 14th, pretty early vintage explained by the heat wave of June. Spared from frost and hail of April, the grapes ripen in a homogeneous and continuous way thanks to a dry summer. In September, the rain helps the grapes to swell while the skins are thinning. The Merlot grapes picked are healthy, well balanced in sugar/acidity with a lot of aromatic freshness. Less tannic than 2016, the vintage will provide elegant wines, with fruitness and lushness.

After 15 days of work, it is 200 000 bottles of Château de La Dauphine & Delphis de La Dauphine which are now available !

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