`In the vineyard during fall – Château de la Dauphine

In the vineyard during fall

In the vineyard during fall

Harvest 2018 are over for sure, but we still have busy time ahead. Indeed, we need to prepare the vines for vintage 2019. What are the next steps for our team ?

First we need to protect the roots from frost by putting an amount of soil on each vine. In the meantime, at the bottom of this small amount of soil we will do a light plowing to let the soil breath. Then we add our “green touch” by sowing barley and pea in between the rows.

Barley is cereal with deep roots wich will help to unpack the soils and to avoid root asphyxia. Pea will grow a dense foliage once crushed, with barley in spring, will give a strong and natural layer of fertilizer. This green cover is mantadory in order to create humus. By decomposing very slowly, humus will give to the roots : azote, phosphorus and nutrients which are essentials for the health of the wines.

For winter it will be pruning time ! To continue …

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