Turnover in the cellar

It’s been now 12 months that 2016 vintage is ageing in our cellar. Ageing in barrels will help the wine to evolve by bringing more stucture with the wood tannins. Many aromas will also appear in the wine thanks to the french oak giving vanilla aromas, or the toasting of the wood giving caramel or coffee aromas.

It is then very crucial to choose the best barrels makers for our cellar. At la Dauphine we work with 5/6 different coopers, mainly french, excepted for STOCKINGER. This Austrian firm uses oaks from the Alps forest and follows the lunar cycles to cut them…As the principles of the biodymaic farming that we have been using here for the past 3 years.

Now Julien, our cellar master, is racking the 2016 for blending, filtration and then bottling (Spring 2018) in order to fill 2017 up in the 345 barrels for 12 months.

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