Despite the harsh frost that touched Bordeaux (and France) last month, we are lucky at La Dauphine with “only” 20% of loss. We are protected from natural disasters, as frost or hail, thanks to the river Dordogne nearby. The vines touched were baby vines planted last year, they will just need more time to grow.

Now sunny days are bringing happier days, everything is gowing and blossoming.


Beautiful flowering during May… The vines are hermaphrodites, meaning they self-pollinate to give fruits. Fruitset is also happening, the grapes will grow bigger through summer. As it is sunny and hot, the vines is getting strong and leafy, we will do many work to discipline it : trimming, desuckering, trellising… But so far so good, 2017 seems to be a very good vintage. But let’s be patient, time will tell !

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