Château de La Dauphine 2019 – En Primeur – Château de la Dauphine

Château de La Dauphine 2019 – En Primeur

Château de La Dauphine 2019 – En Primeur

Professional tastings for the 2019 vintage en primeur, are around the corner.

Château de La Dauphine 2019 is certified organic and High Environmental Value (level 3). Biodynamic farming is still in process.
Julien Schauss, our cellar master, explains 2019 vintage at Château de La Dauphine :

Following two complex vintages, 2019 proved to be relatively problem-free in the Bordeaux region.

After a generally overcast spring and delicate conditions during flowering, the weather changed radically at the end of June with a period of soaring temperatures. 2019 was one of the warmest years of the decade, with particularly high temperatures in July.

The gradual rise in temperatures and canopy management strategies enabled us to avoid the vines becoming too dry, with the absence of rain keeping them in excellent health, with no defoliation problems or water stress.

The white grapes were harvested in the first week of September when the lychee, citrus and pear aromas of the Sauvignon and Sémillon were at their peak. The grapes presented a pronounced acidity giving the wine a lively, refreshing character.

The continued warm weather at the end of the summer, which has produced very good vintages in Bordeaux for several years, enabled harvesting of the red grapes at optimal ripeness for each plot. For once, the sporadic rain in September was much appreciated, as it helped the grapes to ripen and increased the volume of juice without compromising the quality of the harvest.

On arrival at the vats, the grapes were small to medium-sized, , with ripe skins that released an impressively rich colour. Dazzling fruit flavours and density were quick to follow: minimal extraction during vinification resulted in structured yet silky wines. They present a tremendous aromatic richness, ranging from red and black fruit (blackcurrants, redcurrants, raspberries) to a hint of liquorice and spicy notes for the Cabernet.

It is still too early to make comparisons but this vintage, with all its positive indicators, could be as impressive as 2018, or even better.

Harvest dates:

  • – Merlot: 20/09 to 28/09
  • – Cabernet Franc: 4/10 to 7/10

Yield: 40 hl/hectare

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